An address and discussion with

Vice Admiral Axel Schimpf
Chief of German Navy
Navy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Vice Admiral Michelle Howard
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Operations, Plans & Strategy
United States Navy

Introduced and moderated by

Mr. Barry Pavel
Vice President and Director, Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security
Atlantic Council

Please join the Atlantic Council for a Commanders Series discussion on transatlantic security cooperation in the maritime domain with Vice Admiral Axel Schimpf, chief of the German navy and Vice Admiral Michelle Howard, deputy chief of naval operations for operations, plans & strategy for the US Navy.

While NATO is drawing down its forces in Afghanistan in 2014, it is simultaneously sustaining two major naval operations – Operation Active Endeavour aimed at patrolling the Mediterranean and monitoring shipping to help protect against terrorist activity and Operation Ocean Shield aimed at countering piracy off the Horn of Africa in cooperation with EU Operation Atalanta. These operations reflect the importance of NATO in the maritime domain to both maintain transatlantic security and protect global trade routes.

The US and German navies have undergone significant transformations in the past two decades that reflects NATO’s own transformation – evolving from military capabilities required for a static Cold War defense posture to more expeditionary and multi-purpose forces designed for out-of-area operations. In addition, the German navy is adjusting to both diminished European defense budgets and the recent end of conscription, a linchpin of the German armed services for more than fifty years.

Set against this backdrop, Admiral Schimpf and Admiral Howard will discuss transatlantic collaboration in the maritime domain, future roles for their navies, and the outlook for continued high-level naval cooperation. This event is part of the Atlantic Council's Commanders Series, which features ongoing guest lectures and speeches from high-level US and European military leaders.

Representatives of the press are welcome, and all the proceedings of this event are on-the-record.

When you arrive, please use the West Tower elevators.

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