A discussion with

Mr. Brian Harding
Deputy Director and Fellow, Southeast Asia Program
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Dr. Daniel Kliman
Senior Fellow of Asia-Pacific Security Program
Center for a New American Security

Ms. Yuki Tatsumi
Co-director of the East Asia Program and Director of the Japan Program
Stimson Center

Moderated by:
Ms. Shannon Tiezzi
The Diplomat

Please join the Atlantic Council’s Asia’s Security Initiative, housed within the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, for a discussion of recent developments in intra-Asian security cooperation and their long-term implications for US strategy in Asia.

Recent developments in the Taiwan Strait, on the Korean Peninsula, and around the South China Sea have seen questions about Asian security cooperation come into sharp focus. In a dynamic geopolitical environment, joint military exercises, arms sales, and alliance networks can profoundly shape regional security calculus.  

How can we understand the dynamics behind intra-Asian security cooperation taking place today? What does effective regional security cooperation look like? In what ways do national defense industries collaborate and compete in the region, and what opportunities or risks do they create? How should the US government approach arms sales to Indo-Pacific allies moving forward? Ultimately, what are the long-term strategic prospects for the United States in a complex intra-Asian cooperative security environment?

Examining these questions, the Atlantic Council will bring together a panel of experts as part of its Cross-Strait Seminar Series to discuss the future of intra-Asian security cooperation. 

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