In spite of defensive efforts, breaches persist, becoming greater, costlier, and increasingly critical. Defenders and adversaries are caught in fierce, persistent engagement where an organization’s expenditures are not an indicator of whether they are truly secure. While defenders often view cybersecurity as a technical issue in need of a technical solution, adversaries exploit human nature and errors, as dependable and low-cost methods to compromise a defender’s system. The rapid evolution of adversary technology and methods make it challenging to focus on the human behind the attack, however, what remains constant is the human element of the adversary.

Join us for a conversation on the incorporation of the human element into cyber defensive efforts, development of organizational cybersecurity culture and actionable short and long-term solutions to reduce cybersecurity risk.

Welcoming Remarks by:
General James E. Cartwright
Board Director
Atlantic Council

A conversation with:
Mr. Sean Berg
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Forcepoint Global Governments & Critical Infrastructure

Ms. Amy Chang
Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, Cybersecurity Operations
JPMorgan Chase

Dr. Andrea Little Limbago
Chief Social Scientist

Mr. Eric Welling
Deputy Assistant Director, Cyber Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Moderated by:
Mr. Pete Cooper
Senior Fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative,
Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security

Atlantic Council

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