Cyber capabilities are developing faster than most governments can appropriately respond. Pakistan’s and India’s military, transport, and financial systems are increasingly linked digitally, creating both efficiency and vulnerability. Cyber attacks have already targeted Indian and Pakistani institutions and created a new arena for these historic foes to sling accusations and escalate political disputes. 
Recognizing a growing threat, cyber powers worldwide are investing time and money in building defenses to possible cyber warfare, with some governments even vocalizing a willingness to utilize kinetic weapons in response to cyber attacks. Particularly in South Asia, the digitization of government and military infrastructure opens the door to detrimental cyber sabotage and retaliatory actions. In the absence of an international regulatory framework for cyber engagements, developing confidence building measures (CBMs) between India and Pakistan may provide the only tool to prevent an unintentional war sparked by cascading cyber responses. Dr. Yamin will discuss the cyber relationship between Pakistan and India and a range of possible CBMs to thwart the risk of a cyber rivalry.

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