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Diplomacy Beyond the Nation-State: An Ambassadors’ Roundtable

H.E. Rachad Bouhlal
Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco

The Hon. Paula Dobriansky
Senior Fellow, The Future of Diplomacy Project
Harvard University

H.E. Lukman Faily
Embassy of Iraq

H.E. Petr Gandalovic
Embassy of the Czech Republic

H.E. Ashok Kumar Mirpuri
Embassy of Singpaore

The Hon. Thomas Perriello
Special Representative for the Quadrennial
Diplomacy and Development Review

US Department of State

H.E. Juan Gabriel Valdes
Embassy of Chile

Moderated by:
Mr. Frederick Kempe
President and CEO
Atlantic Council

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In an era of diffuse power, the 2015 QDDR makes a strong case for much greater diplomatic engagement with non-state actors. Similarly, the Atlantic Council has long made the case that more systematized engagement with nonstate actors ought to become a core component of the US government’s strategic outlook. The Council’s first Strategy Paper, titled Dynamic Stability: US Strategy for a World in Transition, asserts that in a ‘Westphalian-Plus’ world, states must be able to harness the power and capabilities of non-state actors in order to succeed diplomatically.

Ambassadors from Chile, Morocco, Singapore, and other nations will join the State Department’s Thomas Perriello, Special Representative for the QDDR, at this event. They will discuss the forces of change in the twenty-first century and how the interstate system must adapt to harness these forces within a rapidly evolving global system.