Please note that this event takes place in Berlin, Germany

Please join the Atlantic Council, in cooperation with the Embassy of Canada to Germany, for a public conversation on “Fifth Generation Air Power in the Transatlantic Battlespace”. The event will take place on Monday, October 7, 2019 from 16:30 to 18:00 at the Embassy of Canada to Germany (Leipziger Platz 17, 10117 Berlin.)

With a shift in priorities toward great power competition, NATO Allies must reassess the importance of the air domain to transatlantic security. The air domain is contested in ways that NATO allies and partners have not seen since the end of the Cold War and our air space contains more actors with increased capabilities and a greater willingness to use them. At the same time, new technologies have the potential to strengthen NATO’s advantages in the air.

Given these new conditions, NATO air planners are faced with a number of questions. How have threats in the air domain changed over time, and what could we see moving forward? What are the current trends in the air domain and how are they likely to change the future landscape? How will new technologies change how we operate in the air? What does this mean for NATO?

To contribute to the conversation surrounding these critical issues, the Atlantic Council will host a public discussion in Berlin, convening a panel of experts from both sides of the Atlantic. The event will feature a keynote address from General Frank Gorenc, USAF (Ret.), former commander, United States Air Forces Europe and Africa and former commander of NATO Allied Air Command, followed by a moderated discussion between leading experts.

Register now by clicking the “Register” button above. We hope you can join us for what promises to be a timely and fascinating discussion.

NOTE: Guests are requested to access the embassy via the main entrance on Leipziger Platz. Government-issued ID is required upon entry. Please allow sufficient time for a security check and note that large bags and suitcases cannot be brought into the Embassy.

Keynote Remarks by

General Frank Gorenc, USAF (Ret.)
Former Commander, United States Air Forces in Europe and Africa; Former Commander, NATO Allied Air Command

Conversation With

Daniel Gouré
Senior Vice President
Lexington Institute

Sarah Kirchberger
Researcher, Center for Asia-Pacific Strategy and Security
Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University

Torben Schütz
Associate Fellow, Program Security, Defense, and Armaments
German Council on Foreign Relations

Justin Bronk
Research Fellow, Air Power and Technology

The event is open to the press and on the record.

This event is conducted in cooperation with the Embassy of Canada to Germany.