New Leadership, New Policies? 

Implications of Argentina’s Presidential Election

Conference Call

Juan Germano
Isonomia Consultants

Juan Pablo Ronderos 
Business Development Manager

Peter Schechter 
Director, Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center 
Atlantic Council

Argentina’s second round presidential runoff is nail bitingly tight.  Surprising observers at home and abroad, first round results placed Buenos Aires Mayor and Opposition Leader, Mauricio Macri, within less than two percentage points of Daniel Scioli, the candidate supported by Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

On November 22, voters will return to the poll booths to make a critical decision about the direction of the country. Will they reward twelve years of Kirchner presidencies with another term, notwithstanding Scioli’s far more moderate personality? Or, will they choose change and elect Mauricio Macri, a leader determined to shake up Peronism’s populist legacy. Argentina’s new leadership will impact the country’s weakened institutions, struggling economy, and of course, its tumultuous relationship with foreign investors.

Join us for a conversation with renowned Argentinian political and economic analysts to discuss the answers to these questions and to shed light on the diverse post-election scenarios.


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