Please join the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center on January 28 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. for a discussion with Sartaj Aziz, adviser on national security and foreign affairs and former co-chair of the South Asia Center's Track 2 India-Pakistan Water Cooperation Dialogue, as he shares his vision for Pakistan's future.

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The coming year presents fresh opportunities and challenges for Pakistan. After the first-ever civilian transition in 2013, the country’s new leadership faces internal and external challenges. The impending elections in neighboring Afghanistan and India will likely introduce new power brokers to a region marked by a decade of the same leadership. Coupled with a reduced Western presence next door, Pakistan is pressured to define its foreign policy and trumpet its regional status. Indeed, Pakistan’s external relationships have often sustained and enhanced country’s internal troubles, and a new dynamic offers Pakistan an opportunity to change course.

Mr. Sartaj Aziz, former co-chair of the South Asia Center’s Track 2 India-Pakistan Water Cooperation Dialogue, will share his vision for the country, including how Pakistan will capitalize on these fluctuations and build prosperity and regional peace.

A discussion with
Mr. Sartaj Aziz
Adviser, National Security and Foreign Affairs
Government of Pakistan

Introduced by
Mr. Damon WIlson
Executive Vice President
Atlantic Council
Moderated by
Mr. Shuja Nawaz
Director, South Asia Center
Atlantic Council

When you arrive, please use the West Tower elevators.