The security of US critical infrastructure is vital to the nation’s security, prosperity, and well-being. We live in an era of constant advances in the sophistication of attack technology and the emergence of evidence of more destructive attacks and bolder nation-state actions resulting in unprecedented access to power grid operations. Despite renewed concerns about the threat and the risks associated with potential disruptions, the threat clearly outpaces our ability to secure the infrastructure.
Join us as we convene a group of experts to address recent threat trends, how can the US and its partners and allies devise strategies to create resilient critical infrastructure systems, what lessons can be learned from previous attacks, and what is the role of the private sector, cybersecurity professionals, and the government in this ongoing fight?

Welcoming Remarks by:
Mr. Barry Pavel
Senior Vice President, Arnold Kanter Chair and Director,
Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security,

Atlantic Council 

A conversation with:
Mr. John Costello
Director, Strategy, Policy, and Plans,
National Protection and Programs Directorate

US Department of Homeland Security

Mr. Michael K. Daly
Chief Technology Officer, Cybersecurity and Special Missions
Raytheon Company

Ms. Emily Frye
Director, Cyber Integration
MITRE Corporation

Ms. Suzanne Spaulding
Senior Adviser,
Homeland Security Program and International Security Program

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Moderated by:
Ms. Klara Jordan
Director, Cyber Statecraft Initiative
Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security

Atlantic Council

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