Science Fiction, Marines, and the Future of Conflict

Welcome Remarks:
Mr. Steven Grundman
MA and George Lund Fellow 
for Emerging Defense Challenges, 
Brent Scowcroft Center 
on International Security

Atlantic Council

Address by:
Brigadier General Julian D. Alford
Commanding General

Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory;
Futures Directorate

Followed by a Conversation with:
Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Kirchner
Deputy Director, Foresight
Futures Assessment Division, 

Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory

Dr. Erin Simpson
Former CEO
Caerus Associates

Dr. Charles Gannon

Best Selling Author
Rumors of War and Infernal Machines

Moderated by:
Mr. August Cole
Director, Art of the Future 
and Senior Fellow, Brent Scowcroft 
on International Security
Atlantic Council

Science fiction has helped everybody from NASA to technology companies explore possible futures. The US Marine Corps is no different. In fact, the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab's Futures Directorate embraces the medium. To improve how Marines understand the operating environment of 2030 to 2045, the Futures Directorate developed imaginative short stories and graphic art to complement the benchmark Marine Corps Strategic Environment Forecast report. With Marines and other service members writing the narratives, abstract concepts and far-out techniques become tangible and impactful.

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This event is open to press and on the record. 

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