A conversation with:
The Honorable Tom Ridge
Ridge Global

Introduced by:
Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr.
Atlantic Council

Moderated by:
Dr. Bharath Gopalaswamy
Director, South Asia Center
Atlantic Council  The emergence of megacities presents enormous challenges for governments tasked with responding to the security, economic, political, and social pressures that accompany such dramatic societal shifts. The large populations in cities like Mumbai, New York, Lagos, and London put immense strain on local police forces, crucial infrastructure, and energy services, and this influx of people in cities will only increase. South Asia is especially vulnerable to increasing strains on urban communities. Five of the world’s megacities are located in South Asia; three of these—New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata—are located in India.

The Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center invites you to a discussion on megacity security and the implications for US homeland security with the Honorable Tom Ridge, the first US secretary of homeland security, and Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr., chairman of the Atlantic Council. The event will serve as a launch for the megacity security white paper entitled Resilient Megacities: Strategy, Security, and Sustainability, which outlines the findings from the Atlantic Council’s Megacity Security Conference held in partnership with the US Consulate in Mumbai in November 2015. 

Please join us for this timely discussion on safeguarding megacities, and the necessary work yet to be done to ensure a coordinated, equitable approach to promoting prosperity, security, and sustainability in megacities around the world.

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This event is open to press and on the record. 

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