Ambassador Petrovic will reflect on Serbia’s progress towards European integration, and the challenges it is likely to face as it begins accession negotiations in 2014. He will also address the evolution of Serbia’s relationship with Kosovo and its leadership in the wider Balkan region. The Ambassador will highlight the evolution of Serbia’s relationship with the United States during his tenure, as well as Serbia’s evolving relationship with NATO.
Ambassador Petrovic has been Serbia’s ambassador to the United States since 2009. Prior to his current position, he served as minister counselor and deputy chief of mission at the Embassy of Serbia in Washington. He has also held a variety of positions in the United States. After graduating from Georgia State University, he worked the humanitarian group CARE-USA, two law firms in Atlanta, and on numerous political campaigns. In 2007, he returned to Serbia to serve as minister counselor in the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as part of the newly elected government in Belgrade.