“In calm waters, every ship has a good captain.” 

The rapid pace of technological advancement and the evolving interactions between technology and our economic, political, and social institutions are changing the world in still unforeseen ways. How do leaders ethically and proactively manage risk while seizing opportunities?

Our Workshop is for early and mid-career professionals who are grappling with changes that are affecting their organizations and their lives, and who aspire to senior leadership. The objective is for you to develop your strategic and systems thinking capabilities through engagement in discussion with proven thought and practice leaders and through “wicked problem” case studies. You will identify and analyze trends, trend breaks, and game-changers that shape the future. The aim is for you to learn to ask the right questions to enable the generation of strategies that are proactive and actionable. 

We invite you to join with a community of thinkers and practitioners dedicated to better understanding the multiple social and technological forces shaping our future.  

For more information, visit the Workshop Website at https://sites.psu.edu/strategicforesight/.