A discussion with:
ADM Cecil D. Haney
US Strategic Command

Moderated by:
Thom Shanker
Assistant Washington Editor and Washington Weekend Editor
The New York Times

Please join the Atlantic Council’s Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security for a Commanders Series event with Admiral Cecil Haney, commander of US Strategic Command, to discuss the role of strategic deterrence in an era of rapidly emerging threats and an increasingly tumultuous world.

The rise of extremist organizations and widespread unrest in the Middle East, protracted conflicts, especially in Eastern Europe, competition for food, water, and energy, and the growing military capabilities of emerging state and non-state actors all pose significant strategic challenges to the nation. In the context of these challenges, Admiral Haney will discuss why the United States currently has the strategic advantage and what it is doing-and will continue to do-to maintain it in a century that he describes as the “most complex, dynamic, and uncertain than at any time in recent history.”

Admiral Haney, a Washington, DC native and a submariner, is the commander of US Strategic Command. Previously, he was the commander of the US Pacific Fleet. Before that, he was the deputy commander of US Strategic Command. He was all the director of the Naval Warfare Integration Group and also the director of the Submarine Warfare Division.