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As the global economy recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, a looming uncertainty is the extent to which existing supply chains will be disrupted. While US-China trade plays a key role in this conversation, there is a broader question about the future of the global trading system.

Complex and integrated supply chains underpin how the global economy functions and are mainly led by companies that developed these ecosystems over decades. As policymakers around the world rethink how to regulate supply chains, it is important to have a deeper understanding of how those industries work, the products that rely on an efficient and secure supply chain, and the switching costs involved.

In this first jointly hosted webinar from the Atlantic Council’s Global Business & Economics Program &  the Paulson Institute’s MacroPolo think tank, Damien Ma, Director of MacroPolo, Miyeon Oh, Director & Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council’s Asia Security Initiative, Neil Thomas, Senior Research Associate at MacroPolo, and moderator Ana Swanson, Trade and International Economic Reporter at the New York Times, aim to unpack these issues. The discussion will use specific cases from MacroPolo’s recently released report “Supply Chain Jigsaw” to illustrate crucial technology products will define tomorrow’s economy but rely on today’s supply chains. With this discussion, we hope to contribute to an important conversation on an issue that sits at the heart of our economic prosperity.


Damien Ma

Miyeon Oh
Director & Senior Fellow, Asia Security Initiative
Atlantic Council

Neil Thomas
Senior Research Associate

Moderated by

Ana Swanson
Trade & International Economics Reporter
New York Times

Opening remarks

Josh Lipsky
Director of Programs and Policy, Global Business & Economics Program
Atlantic Council

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