As the conflict in Syria confronts the United States with crucial policy decisions, the Atlantic Council released two reports: “Rethinking Stabilization in Eastern Syria: Toward a Human Security Framework,” authored by Dr. Steven Heydemann for the Atlantic Council’s Rebuilding Syria Initiative, and “Breaking Ghouta,” produced by the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. 

The Atlantic Council convened an event to discuss the themes in the reports. 

Digital Forensic Research Lab Director Graham Brookie opened the event with a presentation on “Breaking Ghouta.” Following this, Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Faysal Itani, who directs the Rebuilding Syria Initiative and contributed analysis to “Breaking Ghouta,” moderated a panel discussion of issues raised in these reports and the future of US policy in Syria, featuring Dr. Heydemann and Dr. Wittes.

The panel discussion was followed by a keynote address by US Special Representative for Syria Engagement Ambassador James Jeffrey. Amb. Jeffrey provided an overview of US policy in Syria and shared insights on the challenges ahead in 2019.