As the United Kingdom enters a new era post-Brexit, its leaders are working to set the future trajectory of British security and defense policy, including undertaking a comprehensive Integrated Review of its defense and security. This review will develop a new way forward for the United Kingdom as an outward looking nation, and define the parameters of its future relationships. There are many questions awaiting British policy makers: How will the UK address China’s rise? How will the United Kingdom work within NATO to provide leadership and improve capabilities in Europe? How will the special relationship between the United Kingdom and United States change going forward, and how can both countries make use of this relationship to achieve their shared objectives?

To discuss this way forward, the Atlantic Council is delighted to welcome the Rt. Hon. Ben Wallace, MP, UK Secretary of State for Defence for his first visit to the United States since the conclusion of Brexit. Secretary Wallace will discuss how the United Kingdom is approaching its security and defense policy post-Brexit and its strategic thinking in an era of great power competition.

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