The Role and Responsibility of a Global Company

Introduced by: 
Frederick Kempe
President and CEO
Atlantic Council

Moderated by: 
David Ignatius
Novelist and Columnist
The Washington Post

Howard Schultz
Executive Chairman
Starbucks Corporation

Please join us on Thursday, May 10 for a must-attend on-the-record event on the Role and Responsibility of a Global Company, featuring one of the most innovative, respected and visionary entrepreneurs of our time, Howard Schultz, Executive Chairman of Starbucks. The discussion will be moderated by renown novelist and prize winning Washington Post columnist, David Ignatius
Just a few hours after this conversation, Howard Schultz will accept the Distinguished Business Leadership Award at the Atlantic Council’s annual awards dinner.

In a recent blog piece for the Harvard Business Review, Schultz wrote: “As corporate citizens of the world, it is our responsibility — our duty — to serve the communities where we do business, by helping to improve, for example, the quality of citizens’ education, employment, health care, safety, and overall daily life, plus future prospects.”
Schultz is receiving the Atlantic Council’s highest honor because he puts his actions where his words are.

He’s done so, among so many other measures, through innovative stock ownership programs and health care coverage for all employees, through college tuition programs for Starbucks baristas, and ground-breaking veterans’ initiatives in partnership with the Schultz Family Foundation, of which Howard and his wife Sheri are co-founders. 

What the Atlantic Council also seeks to honor is the manner in which Mr. Schultz has pioneered the role and responsibility of a global for-profit company, operating 28,000 stores in 77 countries. In China alone, its fastest growing market, Starbucks operates more than 3,000 stores and plans to add 2,000 by 2021, opening a new store every 15 hours.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear Howard Schultz reflect on how he has achieved such results – and what he has learned along the way.