Power of Transparency
The Role of Transparency in Strengthening Defense Intelligence

A conversation with:
The Hon. Marcel Lettre 
Under Secretary for Intelligence
United States Department of Defense

Transparency is a fundamental element of a sustainable, rules-based global economic system. According to the Department of Defense, "Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing." This is a guiding principle for defense intelligence. Given the ever-increasing role of intelligence in national security and defense, it is relevant to explore the importance of transparency in the intelligence community.

As the third speaker in the "Power of Transparency" series, Under Secretary Lettre will shed light on questions like: In the spirit of transparency, what are his views of the record of reforming and adapting intelligence over the last 15 years?  How important is the private-public partnership for the future of defense intelligence?  Is there a limit to transparency in the realm of intelligence? Where are the challenges, opportunities, and limitations of transparency in global information sharing?

The “Power of Transparency” speaker series is a collaboration between the Atlantic Council and Thomson Reuters, featuring top government leaders who are working to increase transparency in their respective fields through initiatives that combat corruption and terrorism, strengthen the rule of law, expand market access, promote financial and economic stability, and advance innovation.

This six-part speaker series informs key audiences about these crucial issues through keynote remarks and in-depth, interactive sessions that discuss and forge solutions toward these ongoing challenges.

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