A discussion with
H.E. Hany Qadri Demian
Minister of Finance
Arab Republic of Egypt

Moderated by
Mohsin Khan
Senior Fellow, Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East
Atlantic Council

Since January 2011, the Egyptian economy has been in a steady downward spiral characterized by high inflation, rising unemployment, energy shortages, and a crippling budget deficit. The economic decline has been linked primarily to political uncertainties and the inability to undertake structural reforms. But with two large stimulus packages, significant financial assistance from Gulf states, and prospects for a program with the IMF, there is renewed optimism about the turnaround of the economy in 2014-15.

Egyptian Minister of Finance Hany Qadri Demian, who assumed office in February 2014, will comment on the state of Egypt’s economy and share his prognosis for macroeconomic stability, growth, and job creation in light of political constraints. Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Mohsin Khan will moderate the discussion.