The Upcoming Aramco IPO: Strategy, Investment, Politics

A conversation with:

Phillip Cornell
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Energy Center
Atlantic Council

Ayham Kamel
Director, Middle East and North Africa
Eurasia Group 

Jean-Francois Seznec
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Energy Center
Atlantic Council

Moderated by:

Amy Harder
Energy Reporter

Introduced by:

Ambassador Richard Morningstar (Ret.) 
Founding Director and Chairman, Global Energy Center
Atlantic Council

As part of the Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia intends to offer 5 percent of the state-owned Saudi Aramco to foreign investment in what is expected to be the biggest IPO in history. Tentatively slated for 2018, the IPO is highly anticipated—and likely to be highly scrutinized. The Saudi government has estimated that the company, more than twice the size of Exxon Mobil, is worth $2 trillion, making the shares worth a potential $100 billion. However, analysts within the company have warned that Aramco may be worth at least $500 billion less. Amid these questions, Saudi Arabia has undertaken measures to increase the company’s attractiveness to international investors, including slashing Aramco’s tax rate from 85 to 50 percent, attempting to untangle the company’s finances, and exploring potential ventures and investments in natural gas. 

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