A discussion with
Sarah El-Sirgany
Nonresident Fellow
Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East

Atlantic Council

Mohammad Tolba
Salafyo Costa–prominent Salafi group

Basil Dabh
Daily News Egypt
(Via videoconference)

Mosaab El Shamy
(Via videoconference)

Moderated by
Mirette F. Mabrouk
Deputy Director for Regional Programs
Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East

Atlantic Council

Since January 2011, those young activists who were so instrumental in driving the revolution are divided on how to stabilize Egypt and spur democratic reform. The country is grappling with political malaise and polarization, economic and energy crises, and threats to freedom of expression. The Hariri Center's EgyptSource blog is at the forefront of tracking these developments, offering a diverse range of opinions and analysis from external contributors, newsmakers, and opinion leaders. Join us for a discussion on the major challenges facing Egypt featuring unique on-the-ground perspectives from select EgyptSource contributors.  

Sarah El Sirgany is an award-winning, Cairo-based independent journalist and a nonresident fellow at the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East. Mohammad Tolba is a Salafi political activist from Cairo and the founder of Salafyo Costa. Basil Dabh is a journalist working for The Daily News Egypt, the country's first independent English language daily. Mohamed Abdelfattah is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Cairo and the founder of Abajoura Productions, a multimedia company. Mosaab El Shamy is a award-winning freelance photojournalist based in Cairo. Mirette F. Mabrouk is the deputy director for regional programs at the Hariri Center.   

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