Featured Panelists:
Hon. Howard L. Berman
Former US Representative, California

Dr. Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr.
Dean, School of Public Affairs


Mr. Paul Maslin
FM3 Strategies

Please join us for a special Western Hemisphere Member Committee event to discuss the Atlantic Council's soon-to-be-released national poll, which is the first to center solely on American attitudes toward U.S.-Cuba relations.

Many observers have signaled that 2014 could mark a unique moment of opportunity and inflection for the Obama administration on Cuba policy. Changing demographics and new stakeholders could create a coalition that supports meaningful changes in the U.S. relationship with Cuba. The Atlantic Council poll – conducted by the top bipartisan polling team of Paul Maslin and Glen Bolger – will attempt to quantify these shifts.

Mr. Maslin will present the findings of the 1000-person national poll plus oversamples from New Jersey, Florida, and national Hispanics. From our expert panel, UCLA Dean Frank Gilliam will provide further context on the impact of changing national demographics, and Former Congressman Howard Berman will comment on the broader policy implications and challenges.

We will host this event at 725 S. Figueroa St. in downtown Los Angeles; detailed arrival information will be provided upon confirmation. Please register by Friday, February 14, by email (westernhemisphere@pacificcouncil.org) response or by phone at (213) 221-2001.