Opening remarks
Kais Darragi
Deputy Chief of Mission
Embassy of Tunisia to the United States

A discussion with
Radwan Masmoudi
Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy

Mariem Malouche
Founding Member
Tunisian American Young Professionals

Haykel Ben Mahfoudh (via videoconference)
University of Carthage

Moderated by
Mohsin Khan and Karim Mezran
Senior Fellows, Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East
Atlantic Council

After a period of deepening polarization marred by high-level assassinations, Tunisians ultimately succeeded in negotiating a way forward and keeping the transition on track, culminating in the milestone adoption of the Arab world’s most progressive constitution. Tunisia, however, still faces many hurdles as the country embarks upon new elections amid continued economic stagnation and security challenges. The Tunisia Working Group, a new Atlantic Council initiative to help shape the discourse in Washington in supporting a successful transition in Tunisia, brings together prominent Tunisian voices to share perspectives on what comes next.

Deputy Chief of Mission Kais Darragi will provide insight into the Tunisian government’s priorities for bolstering relations with the United States. Following opening remarks, the panelists will explore Tunisia’s political and economic trajectories in light of mounting security concerns. Radwan Masmoudi will describe key political processes since the adoption of the constitution and challenges to advancing the transition within the current security environment. Mariem Malouche will discuss the economic state of Tunisia, the country’s relationship with international financial institutions, and what role the international community can play in promoting economic development. Haykel Ben Mahfoudh, a senior advisor on security sector reform, will address Tunisia’s security challenges and their impact on the country’s transition.

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