Introductory comments by
H.E. Mathilde Mukantabana
Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to the United States

Remarks by
EJ Hogendoorn
Deputy Director, Africa
International Crisis Group  

Jonas Claes
Senior Program Officer
United States Institute of Peace  

Followed by a panel discussion moderated by
J. Peter Pham
Director, Africa Center    
Atlantic Council

Twenty years after the beginning of the genocide in Rwanda, the international community still struggles to prevent and respond to the violent conflicts that engulf many African communities. New developments have tested the international community’s collective ability to respond militarily to mass atrocities in Africa, to prosecute war criminals, and to achieve reconciliation in the aftermath of ethnic and religious strife. Efforts to institutionalize the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and to empower and legitimize the International Criminal Court have struggled to gain traction. This event will survey current conflicts in Africa, assess the US and international community’s response to those crises, and look forward to new efforts and reforms required to prevent the unthinkable.