Future NATO Twitter Debate: Is NATO Going Home?

Twitter Debate #FutureNATO Twitter Debate on NATO's geographical level of ambition 

As a reaction to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, NATO has reemphasized the importance of collective defense in Europe. Does this mean that NATO is returning home after a decade mainly shaped by its long-term stability operation in Afghanistan and other smaller operations outside the Euro-Atlantic area? Is NATO even entering a post-interventionist era? And what could and should be NATO's role beyond the Euro-Atlantic area in the years to come? Is there a role for NATO in the Asia-Pacific? And how realistic and desirable is the idea to develop NATO into a "hub of a network of security partnerships and a centre for consultation on international security issues" (Rasmussen)? 
Join us to debate these topics this Tuesday, 12 August at 1pm EST/6pm BST/7pm CEST
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