Protests have seized the streets of Venezuela.  International attention has mostly focused on the politics and the government’s repression of free speech.  Yet, Venezuela’s economy is dangerously close to free fall; stories of rampant inflation, scarcity of basic goods, labor unrest, slowing oil production and rampant crime are commonplace.  With an economy close to financial chaos and surrounding nations dependent on Venezuela’s oil supply, the escalating tensions in the country have far-reaching implications. Our discussion will broaden the conversation about Venezuela beyond the immediate protests to what the country economy can expect further down the line and what this means for the region.

Join us for a conversation with Venezuela’s most prestigious economic voices.  These experts we will look at the impact of Venezuela’s current policies on the government, the private sector, consumers, and the region.

A discussion with
Felipe Perez Marti
Formerly the minister of planning for President Hugo Chavez, Mr. Perez has become highly critical of the Maduro government. With an insider’s understanding of the Venezuelan economy, Mr. Perez provides big picture analysis of the different factors influencing Venezuela’s economy at this crucial moment.

Jorge Roig
Jorge Roig is president of Fedecámaras, the Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.  Often considered the ‘spokesperson’ of the private sector, Mr. Roig offers insight on how President Nicolas Maduro’s economic policies have affected production. Mr. Roig looks at the disruption of supply chains and the disorder in the financial markets and analyzes the impact this has on corporate operations.

Luis Vicente Leon
One of the country’s top pollsters, Mr. Leon has been conducting monthly polls on scarcity in Venezuela. With mounting concerns over the lack of basic goods in the country, Mr. Leon’s data has been a warning signal of the growing discontent with the Maduro government’s policies. He advises many political, corporate, and non-profit clients on public opinion in Venezuela.

Luisa Palacios
Head of Latin American macro and energy research at Medly Global Advisors, Ms. Palacios has extensive experience working in country risk analysis and oil markets for institutions including the World Bank and Société Générale. She will provide analysis on the regional implications of Venezuela's energy market

Moderated by
Peter Schechter
Director, Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center, Atlantic Council

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