A discussion with
Abdulghani Al-Iryani
Vice President
Khobara Center, Yemen

Mohamed Albasha
Embassy of the Republic of Yemen

Moderated by
Abdulwahab Alkebsi
Regional Director for Africa and MENA
Center for International Private Enterprise

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With the final plenary of the National Dialogue convening in Sana'a this week, the members are expected to approve the outcomes of the working groups and officially conclude by January 25. And yet, many questions remain about the exact parameters of a new federal system and what framework or set of guarantees will help guide the next steps mandated in the GCC-agreement: constitution drafting, a new electoral law, and parliamentary and presidential elections. Please join us for a roundtable event to explore the outcomes of the National Dialogue and how the transition process will move forward. 
We are pleased to host three guests with deep insights on this topic: Mr. Abdulghani Al-Iryani from the Khobara Center in Yemen, Mr. Mohamed Albasha, spokesman for the Embassy of Yemen, and Mr. Abdulwahab Alkebsi, Director for the Middle East and Africa at the Center for International Private Enterprise will offer their perspectives on the Dialogue outcomes as well as what to expect after its conclusion in terms of the transition process.