President, Neste US, Inc.

Jeremy Baines is president of Neste US. He has a bachelor of science in economics from City University, London, UK and has over fifteen years of commercial and leadership experience with Neste in Geneva, London, and Brussels. He relocated to Houston, Texas in August 2016 with his wife and two children.

As an experienced renewables leader with an approach that combines business development, technology commercialization, and advocacy, Jeremy is focused on leading change and driving growth. Through experience and study, he has developed extensive knowledge of renewable fuel capabilities, emerging trends, and realities. With a vision and a track record of growth, he seeks to bring this transformative fuel technology into markets throughout the United States – from scale, to partnerships, to implementation. He is excited to supply low-carbon drop-in Neste MY Renewable Diesel to the California and Oregon markets with Neste’s distributor partners. Jeremy is a regular and experienced speaker at many conferences.


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