Aaron Sorensen is a senior advisor at the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center and leads a data analytics and innovation group at emocha Health, a medication-adherence technology company. 

For almost all his career, Sorensen has applied his love of data analytics alternatively to scientometrics and health informatics. In the area of scientometrics, Sorensen has helped research stakeholders gain scientific insights into their research landscapes and project portfolios through data analysis, visualizations, and predictive analytics. In health informatics, Sorensen has collaborated over the years with researchers at various academic medical centers, such as Temple University and Johns Hopkins University, to utilize the clinical data in their electronic health records to conduct retrospective comparative-effectiveness studies that assessed the efficacy of competing therapies across disparate populations. 

Sorensen holds an MA in decision and information sciences from the University of Florida and is the author of various peer-reviewed publications in the areas of scientometrics and health informatics. He’s passionate about discovering and leveraging new technologies to help non-technically trained people to become citizen data scientists.