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Wed, Mar 31, 2021

Reimagining a just society pt. 4: New maps for a world disrupted by climate change

On a radically transformed planet, different conceptual maps are necessary for understanding what today’s priorities must be. These maps, or mental models, inform the framing that policy and decision makers use to weigh their options. Limitations in our conceptual frames can drastically limit the scope of considered futures.

GeoTech Cues by Carol Dumaine

Climate Change & Climate Action Security & Defense

Thu, Jan 21, 2021

Reimagining a just society pt. 3 | A coming shift in perspective

In retrospect, the COVID-19 pandemic may mark a paradigm shift in global society if governments and their citizens worldwide today embrace its lessons, including many still emerging. One of these lessons concerns the dangers of ignoring knowledge we already had about interconnections between global public health, economic and national security, and ecological degradation.

GeoTech Cues by Carol Dumaine

Civil Society Climate Change & Climate Action

Mon, Dec 7, 2020

Reimagining a just society pt. 1 | Is a different world possible?

The GeoTech Center’s mission is to define practicable initiatives to ensure new technologies and advances in data capabilities benefit people, prosperity, and peace in open societies. Its overarching goal is a “world comprised of just societies.” The GeoTech’s mandate is an ambitious one and, while focused on applying new technologies to solutions to global problems, is anchored in an explicit assumption that its efforts will promote just societies.

GeoTech Cues by Carol Dumaine

Civil Society Coronavirus

Carol Dumaine served for over thirty years as an intelligence analyst and manager in the Central Intelligence Agency with an emphasis in the latter half of her career on strategic and emerging global security issues, including climate change. A recognized innovator and foresight practitioner, Dumaine’s areas of expertise include global and national security affairs, climate change, intelligence analysis, and multiple scenario analysis. Dumaine also headed up the Energy and Environmental Security Directorate in the US Department of Energy’s Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence from 2007-2010. While in government service, Dumaine led the Global Futures Partnership, which engaged with external non-government expertise to improve foresight on unclassified transnational security issues. In 2007, the US Partnership for Public Service recognized Dumaine as a Finalist for the Service-to-America National Security Medal for her leadership in creating the Global Futures Forum with over thirty other nations in an international collaborative effort to enhance collective foresight and shared awareness for dealing effectively with transnational challenges. Following her retirement from government service, Dumaine co-taught a graduate-level seminar on Climate Change and National and Global Security at The Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dumaine has frequently served as a moderator and speaker on issues related to climate security, global risks, and early warning. Dumaine’s focus today is on how the COVID-19 crisis spotlights inequities around the world as well as imperatives for enhanced international foresight and cooperation to deal with such global challenges, including climate change. Dumaine is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and holds a Master’s in International Public Policy from John Hopkins University’s SAIS.