Catherine Kolimas lives and thrives in the world of corporate finance, where she advises multinational aviation companies that sit at the cross-section of global business strategy, macroeconomic forces and geopolitical dynamics. As a Vice President in the Global Industrial Group at Goldman, Sachs & Co. (“Goldman”), Catherine helps clients solve complex problems and position themselves for growth by providing strategic advisory services and raising capital on their behalf.

Catherine’s career at Goldman has been distinguished by outstanding professional achievements across divisions, a focus on corporate social issues and individual firsts, such as becoming the youngest investment banking services (“IBS”) coverage officer in the firm’s history. Known for her resilience and conflict resolution skills, she has been able to gracefully navigate numerous high-pressure situations with multiple non-aligned stakeholders. She has proven her strong commercial aptitude with a track record of fostering client relationships in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

Catherine earned her B.A. in Economics from Wake Forest University and spent several months studying in China while pursuing her degree. Beyond the global nature of her vocation, her perspective is also shaped by memberships in organizations focused on international matters, including the Corporate Program at the Council on Foreign Relations and the China Institute. As a graduate of the all-girl’s boarding school The Madeira School, she has an enduring passion for mentoring emerging female leaders and is a frequent speaker on women’s empowerment issues.