Daleep Singh served as a nonresident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Global Business & Economics Program until 2019. He served President Obama and Secretaries Geithner and Lew from 2011 to 2017, most recently as acting assistant secretary of the treasury. During his tenure, Mr. Singh became a trusted senior adviser to the administration’s economic leadership on broad matters of economics, financial regulation, capital markets, and domestic growth policy.

He joined Treasury in the Department’s Markets Group, where as director he provided the secretary and White House with timely analyses of financial market trends and events, including several debt ceiling impasses, European debt crises, and recurring stress from China and other emerging markets. In 2013, Mr. Singh became deputy assistant secretary for Europe and Eurasia, where he helped to shape US policy affecting more than fifty economies. He helped Greece secure a path to a sustainable recovery within the European Union, worked with Ukraine to develop its crisis management and reform plan, and contributed substantially to development of the Russia sanctions program. In 2016, Mr. Singh became acting assistant secretary for financial markets. In that role, he took responsibility for Treasury’s management of the nation’s federal debt; helped to shape the US government’s response to Puerto Rico’s economic crisis; raised public awareness of the need for greater transparency and integrity in domestic financial markets; and proposed new financing initiatives for infrastructure, housing, and higher education. Upon leaving the Treasury in 2017, Mr. Singh received the Department’s Alexander Hamilton award in recognition of his distinguished service and leadership.

Before joining Treasury, Mr. Singh worked for Goldman Sachs in New York and London, where he focused on US interest rates and emerging markets. As chief operating officer, he also helped to launch and build a US-based asset management firm that has subsequently grown to over $5 billion in size, with a focus on US interest rates and economic trends. Mr. Singh received his BA from Duke University as a double major in public policy and economics. He received an MBA from MIT and an MPA from Harvard’s Kennedy School, with his coursework focused on economics, technology, and entrepreneurship. Born in Maryland and raised in North Carolina, Mr. Singh lives in Washington, DC with his wife and three kids.