Erin Miles is a Millennium fellow at the Atlantic Council and a senior investor at Bridgewater Associates, the world’s premiere asset management firm. She co-heads Bridgewater’s equity team, leading research to convert insights and investigations into systematic cause-and-effect investment algorithms. She is also the lead investor pioneering Bridgewater’s systematic approach for carrying out micro-research at scale, directing a task force spanning Bridgewater’s technology, engineering, and investment groups. Her views on trends in financial markets and the implications for global economies are frequently featured in the firm’s highly regarded research pieces called “Bridgewater Daily Observations.” Miles has a passion for leadership and at Bridgewater has played a growing role in building and shaping the firm’s investment community with an emphasis on promoting values of diversity and empowerment for women early in their careers. Prior to this, Miles studied neurobiology and economics during her undergraduate degree at Harvard, focusing on the intersection between human behavior and economics.