Jacob Jablonski is a 2023-2024 Veterans Advanced Energy fellow at the Atlantic Council and an asset manager for renewables asset management at Invenergy, a privately held, independent power producer that develops, builds, owns, and operates power generation and energy storage projects. The company specializes in wind, solar, and natural gas power generation and energy storage facilities. Jablonski joined Invenergy in 2022 to manage the international expansion of Invenergy Services to new markets in Brazil and across Latin America.  

Jablonski joined the Invenergy Veterans Network as a co-chair of the recruiting subcommittee to help the company identify and recruit candidates from the military service. He has been proactive in exploring different options with the Invenergy recruitment team to meet the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.  

Jablonski is a six-year veteran of the US Air Force and was a nuclear operations manager. He currently serves in the Michigan Air National Guard as a missile and munitions maintenance officer.