Jeff Lande is a nonresident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center, president of the Lande Group, and senior advisor to Conlon Public Strategies. He has advised governments, corporations, and nonprofits in the United States and overseas for more than three decades. He offers his clients his extensive experience in government relations, public affairs, coalition building, research, geopolitical and market analysis, and strategic planning. He has particular expertise in assessing and helping shape the potential impact of public policies and politics on corporate and nonprofit organizations. In addition to his work on technology, trade, immigration, and US-India matters, Lande is also known for his efforts on behalf of children, families, and veterans.

Earlier, Lande served as executive vice president of TechAmerica and senior vice president of the Information Technology Association of America. He also played a prominent role in both The World Innovation, Technology and Services Alliance and the Technology Councils of North America, two technology industry consortiums that spanned nearly forty states and over eighty countries. Lande served as the national legislative director and Washington office associate director of United Jewish Communities and the Council of Jewish Federations. He has also held legislative and committee staff positions in the US House of Representatives, lectured and served as a researcher at the University of Virginia, and owned several small businesses.

Lande helped the US Departments of State and Commerce establish the US-India Information and Communications Technology Dialogue and US-India High Technology Cooperation Group and co-led participation by the technology sector. He also led the US Technology Partnership (a cooperative effort between the Department of Commerce, Office of Thrift Supervision, and the technology industry) aimed at increasing engagement opportunities by minorities with the technology sector.

Lande has been frequently quoted in the press on policy and political matters. He has been recognized for his policy work and received several research grants. Lande is also regularly invited to speak on similar topics at various events in the United States and elsewhere. Furthermore, he serves as a judge of the World Innovation, Technology and Services Alliance’s annual Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Awards and served as a judge of Forbes’s Applied Innovation Award program. Lande has long been active on the boards of several privately held businesses and nonprofits. These currently include the board of Reimagining Migration and the advisory boards of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and the First Women’s Bank. Lande also selected for the Technology Leadership Standing Panel Advisory Committee at the National Academy of Public Administration.

He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Virginia, respectively.  In his free time, Lande enjoys hanging with family and friends as well the family dog. He also likes hiking, reading/learning, volunteering, traveling, and just enjoying the day.