Juzel Lloyd is a 2024 Women Leaders in Energy and Climate Fellow. She is a climate and energy analyst at the Breakthrough Institute, where she advances clean energy policies through comprehensive analysis. Her work spans various technological niches including nuclear energy, renewable energy, hydrogen electrolyzer technologies, and other forms of decarbonization. Regionally, she focuses on small island developing states, the Caribbean, and Latin America. 

Lloyd was selected for the 2023 Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp in Tokyo, Japan, where she studied advanced nuclear energy technologies. She also participated in the 2020 Summer Institute of Sustainability and Energy. During her academic career, she explored diverse fields such as engineering design, astrophysics research, software development, and machine learning. Additionally, she authored a book of poetry entitled To Her, which explores the experiences of womanhood. 

Lloyd holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Howard University and is currently pursuing a MA in research on small islands and small states at the University of Malta. Her thesis focuses on improving energy systems and clean energy deployment.