Madison Freeman focuses on emerging decarbonization technologies and how to scale them to solve our most pressing climate challenges. She is currently a research and strategy associate at Energy Impact Partners, a global venture capital firm that invests in clean energy and climate tech companies alongside a coalition of utility and industry partners. In her role, she evaluates startups and emerging technologies with a focus on industrial decarbonization, carbon capture utilization and storage, heavy-duty transportation, and the future of cities. 

Prior to joining Energy Impact Partners, Madison was a research associate at the Council on Foreign Relations where she focused on climate and energy innovation policy. She started her career at the Atlantic Council working on global energy diplomacy. Madison is also the New York director for the Clean Energy Leadership Institute, a nonprofit focused on elevating the next generation of climate leaders through education and community, and was a 2017 DC fellow with the organization. Madison graduated from American University with a degree in international relations and economics.