Mariah Smith was the program assistant for the N7 Initiative with Atlantic Council’s Middle East Programs, where she supported N7 Initiative conferences and Israel-related programmatic work.  

Before she began at the Council, Smith worked with the American Civil Liberties Union in Louisiana where she worked on advocacy campaigns fighting for police reform and development projects facilitating private sector engagement. In addition, she led a project that worked in conjunction with the US Department of State on technology and early warning signs of conflict. Smith also conducted research with Human Rights Watch on the Global Magnitsky Act. Based in Berlin, Smith participated in programming surrounding multilateralism in Europe, discussing projects with the European Union and NATO. She has research experience with Muslim thought and practices through the Madrasa Discourses, as well as living and research experience with Judaism in Jerusalem. 

Smith received her BA from the University of Notre Dame where she studied Arabic, global affairs, and peace studies.