Masooma Kazmi is an analyst at Envoy Public Labs, a consulting firm that helps clients identify, understand, and align with the needs of their key stakeholders and specializes in clean energy and advanced nuclear technology. She was the company’s first full time hire in 2019, and has been integral in growing the business dramatically year over year. Masooma maintains a network of NGOs, technology developers, national lab staff, and key state-level energy stakeholders to monitor developments in advanced nuclear technology and energy policy.

Masooma’s passion for environmental causes started at a young age, and she continued to develop this interest during her undergrad internship with Virginia Tech’s Office of Sustainability, in addition to her sustainability-focused study abroad program in Costa Rica. Masooma graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in public relations and a minor in environmental policy and planning. She is currently pursuing a masters in environmental policy and management with a concentration in energy and sustainability from the University of Denver.