Mohamed “Mo” Elbashir is a nonresident senior fellow at the GeoTech Center of the Atlantic Council and the infra risk manager for Meta Platforms. He has over fifteen years of experience assessing global tech governance, regulatory, public policy, and program management. Bilingual in English and Arabic, Elbashir brings a global perspective and support for the ethical and responsible development of artificial intelligence (AI) and new technologies.

Elbashir has led the implementation of numerous global and country-wide technology policies, risk management, and governance programs for organizations, including the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Packet Clearing House, Meta, and the State of Qatar. He was the director of technical affairs for Qatar’s Communications Regulatory Authority. Notably, he co-managed the global transition process for Internet infrastructure oversight from the US government to the global internet community, represented by ICANN. His contributions earned him the ICANN Leadership Award in 2016.

Throughout his career, Elbashir has demonstrated an interest in assessing the global geopolitical risks of technology and proposing governance and risk mitigation strategies. Elbashir  is an expert in facilitating multi-stakeholder engagements, managing complex tech policy programs, and ensuring seamless cross-functional collaboration. He has contributed actively to the United Nations Internet Governance Forum and the various internet standards organizations.

Elbashir holds an MBA from the University of Manchester and completed executive programs at Oxford University, Stanford University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He recently graduated from the Executive Program in AI Ethics at the London School of Economics and is focused on AI governance in his part-time doctorate in policy research at the University of Bath.