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Thu, Oct 17, 2019

Alami joins TRT World to discuss the YPG considering a deal with the Syrian regime

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Fri, May 31, 2019

Deciphering the rhetoric and posturing of US-Iran tensions

Since his election, US President Donald Trump has pursued a maximum pressure policy toward Iran, in an attempt to push Tehran back to the negotiating table. Yet, despite increasing US pressure on Iran, tit for tat statements, and subversive operations in the Persian Gulf, Tehran is far from willing to antagonize Washington to the point of no return.

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Wed, Apr 24, 2019

Alami joins TRT World to Discuss Sri Lanka Terrorist Attacks

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In the News by Mona Alami

Mona Alami is a nonresident senior fellow with the Middle East Programs. She is also a fellow with TRENDS Research & Advisory and is an Associate Fellow at the King Faysal Center for Research and Islamic Studies. She follows political and economic issues in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, and the Gulf. She writes extensively on Lebanese politics, Hezbollah, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, and Salafism in general.

Alami is a regular contributor to a number of American and Arab publications including USA Today, Asharq Al-Awsat, and the Daily Star (Lebanon). She has produced several documentaries for Al Aan TV on Jihadism and Hezbollah.

Alami holds an MBA from the Lebanese American University, and is currently completing her PhD in geopolitics at Lumière University Lyon 2.  She writes in English, French, and Arabic.