Noel Coenraad is a participant in the 2024 Executive Leadership Intensive and a sustainability strategy advisor at Vattenfall. He advises the senior management of one of Europe’s leading energy utilities as it aims to have a fossil-free energy generation portfolio by 2040. Coenraad also leads annual ESG reporting and develops new sustainable ventures and processes, such as cultivating seaweed in offshore wind parks and leveraging digitalization for sustainability. Coenraad also volunteers to help young professionals launch careers in international affairs and sustainable development, advocating for equitable youth economic empowerment. Before his current role, he worked at the United Nations, supporting delegates and staff with economic and climate policy, and facilitating multilateral meetings. Coenraad graduated from Columbia University, specializing in climate science and policy, and obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Native to the Netherlands, he grew up in Hong Kong and now lives in Germany.