Ricardo Baptista-Leite is a medical doctor and Member of the Portuguese Parliament, where he sits on the Health and Foreign Affairs Committees. In Dr. Baptista-Leite’s role as MP, and under the auspices of UNAIDS, he is the Founding President of UNITE – Parliamentarians Network to End HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis and Tuberculosis, a global platform of policy makers. Dr. Baptista-Leite is also Head of Public Health at the Institute of Health Sciences of the Catolica University of Portugal, Coordinator of the Sustainable Healthcare Unit at the NOVA Information Management School, and Guest Lecturer at NOVA Medical School. Additionally, Dr. Baptista-Leite also serves as City Councilor of Cascais where he is responsible for local health strategy, economic diplomacy, and international relations. Prior to being elected MP, Dr. Baptista-Leite was a practicing physician for seven years, including a 5-year Infectious Diseases residency, internship at the World Health Organization, and consulting at a multinational company in the field of health information technologies. Dr. Baptista-Leite is the founder of CREATING HEALTH – Research and Innovation funding and Co-founder of the Estoril Conferences. Dr. Baptista-Leite is a Ph.D. candidate in Public Health at Maastricht University and has completed post-graduate studies at multiple universities, including Johns Hopkins, Harvard Kennedy School, and Harvard Medical School.