Sharif Abdelrazeq is a Millennium fellow at the Atlantic Council and a sustainability and innovation engineer at Consolidated Contractors Company where he focuses on the digital transformation of the construction and energy sectors through developing and strategically integrating construction technology solutions. A firm believer that collaboration is essential in addressing dynamic global challenges, Abdelrazeq launched initiatives and partnerships engaging with the private, public, and educational sectors. His efforts have been recognized by international agencies including the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. He shared his vision of a sustainability-centered future during conferences in China, Italy, the United States, Kazakhstan, and the United Arab Emirates. Abdelrazeq’s multicultural background assisted in his harmonious integration with local communities bridging the gap between national needs and international offerings which led to his selection as a corporate social responsibility lead representative of the Consolidated Contractors Company in Kazakhstan and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Prior to this, Abdelrazeq earned his bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Virginia Tech, in addition to completing INSEAD’s Innovation in the Age of Disruption and CORe programming from Harvard Business School.