Zach Verdin is an entrepreneur and technologist with expertise in social media and intelligence technology. He manages Strategic Development at the Knowledge Futures Group, which is is a not-for-profit consortium of academic, industry, and advocacy organizations founded at MIT that is building the infrastructure necessary to make public knowledge a public good. In addition to his work at KFG, he advises civil society groups on disinformation detection and rapid response through his work at the Cooperative Impact Lab, and is a founder of 3rdWeb, a studio that researches and builds new economic engines for internet businesses. Prior to that, he was a partner at, where his work focused on the impact of information warfare on society, geopolitical groups, countries, Fortune 100 companies, and presidential campaigns. He was also a founder of NewHive, which was a multimedia publishing platform for creatives that had over ten million users. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, Fast Company, The Verge, Rolling Stone, and a QAnon drop (which accused him of being part of the Silicon Valley Illuminati).