IntelBrief: Implications of the Kenyan Elections

In the latest in the series of “IntelBriefs” on African security issues being produced by the Atlantic Council’s Michael S. Ansari Africa Center in partnership with the Soufan Group, an international strategic consultancy, Ansari Center Deputy Director Bronwyn Bruton argues that while International Criminal Court (ICC) indicted Uhuru Kenyatta has secured a presidential victory in the recent Kenyan elections, he is unlikely to be ostracized by the international community, which has little leverage and too much to lose if relations with Nairobi become strained.

IntelBrief: Implications of the Kenyan Elections
Western donor countries are likely to deal a number of small diplomatic snubs to Kenyatta, but various security, humanitarian, and development interests in the Horn of Africa means that the West will maintain its normal relationships with Kenya, provided that Kenyatta complies with the ICC.

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