Operationalizing the Comprehensive Approach

Julian Lindley-French, member of the Strategic Advisors Group (SAG), writes in the latest SAG Issue Brief about the need for the Strategic Concept to correctly address the issue of the Comprehensive Approach, or political-military cooperation.

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  • Strategic Concepts tend to have a life of ten years. The focus for the next ten years will doubtlessly remain Afghanistan and, for much of that period, allies will be engaged in hybrid operations under pressure to do more with less. For Canada and European allies, this will place a particular emphasis on tight civil-military synergies. Moreover, a broad approach to security is very much part of the emerging European strategic culture.
  • The Comprehensive Approach is the generation and application of security, governance and development services, expertise, structures and resources over time and distance in partnership with host nations, host regions, allied and partner governments and partner institutions, both governmental and non-governmental.
  • Given the drafting of the new Strategic Concept and the critical phase into which operations in Afghanistan have entered, all NATO headquarters should be encouraged to further experiment and to share their experiences to enhance the understanding of the Comprehensive Approach through Allied Command Transformation (ACT).
  • If the Comprehensive Approach is to work as it should, the concepts and doctrine underpinning such a cross-Alliance effort must also be matched by the effi cient generation and use of required resources, political will and strategic patience.

Strategic Advisors Group:

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