“It is vital for American interests in Asia to have India as an economic and strategic ally,” writes Bharath Gopalaswamy and former Minister Manish Tewari in “Transforming India from a Balancing to Leading Power,” a new brief from the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center.

In the brief, the authors present policy recommendations for US policy makers as a newly assertive India seeks to assume a leading role in Asia. Citing the growing rivalry between Indian and Chinese interests in the region, the authors argue that American assistance is required to bolster Indian assets in three domains-carrier aviation, space surveillance, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Increasing Indian capacity, they argue, will assist in transforming India’s role from a “balancing” to “leading” power in Asia. By maintaining India’s preeminent position in the Indian Ocean region, the United States may also protect American dominance in the global “command of the commons” from increasing Chinese interference.


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