Climate leadership in uncertain times

In “Climate leadership in uncertain times,” authors Joshua Busby and Nigel Purvis argue that international climate cooperation continues to have promise and potential, even in the current political climate. The authors lay out a comprehensive view of climate leadership, examining climate policy in the United States under President Trump, the potential for climate leadership around the world, best practices for pursuing change, and areas to target for effective cooperation and maximum impact.

In the wake of turbulence in efforts to address climate change and the current absence of US federal leadership, it is important for motivated states and actors to identify a handful of high-impact areas where progress can be made and work to specifically address them. Meant as the start of a broader and more in-depth conversation, this report suggests areas which may have the most potential for progress and urges cooperation and creativity to arrive at interdisciplinary approaches to our common problems. Despite uncertainty, the authors are hopeful that international diplomacy can help increase global ambition in the coming years and lead to significant change.


Image: Protesters march to urge politicians to act against climate change in Paris, France, October 13, 2018. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer